Three Dimensional Tanx (3D Tanx)

tanx_BW_banner_front Three Dimensional Tanx (3D Tanx) play high-energy garage-rock with hints of psych, Krautrock and both proto and post-punk.

New 15-song album ‘A Compulsion for Propulsion’  released on CD/DL July 2018.  Listen HERE and Order now! Vinyl LP Edition 29th April 2019 on Sunstone Records. Order HERE NOW!



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4* Record Collector  Magazine:



7/10 Uncut Magazine:



Re: ‘A Compulsion for Propulsion

“Bouncy, synth-driven garage rock from the U.K. that effortlessly grounds its melodic effervescence with earthy, punky delivery.”

Bandcamp, New and Notable, July 2018


‘His Latest Apparatus’

“Setting the pace for 3DT’s self-released fifth album is this excellent, propulsive, hand-clap drums and needling synth-line opener. Buzzcocks go Neu! or Stereolab at the wrong speed.”

MOJO, What Goes On, Playlist, Issue 297 August 2018


‘A Compulsion for Propulsion‘ Album Review:

“it’s a trip through garage rock and into psych territory with such neat aplomb that you don’t even notice the change in gears as the music is shot like a rocket to Mars and beyond!…rock music of sublime fun and invention that takes you on a journey from garage to psychedelia via proto and post punk”

Louder Than War July 2018


‘A Compulsion for Propulsion‘ Album Review:

“Lancashire’s 3D TANX choose an exceptionally fitting title for their latest release. Shooting right out of the gate with ‘His Latest Apparatus’, which comes on like Hawkwind’s Urban Guerrilla, the entire Nuggets stable and The Fall had all joined together in a trans-dimensional temporal mind-meld. ‘Right Place, Wrong Time’ barrels along in a Modern Lovers meets Syd fashion and covers a lot of distance in its barely over a minute and a half lifespan. Album centrepiece ‘Dwam’ takes the alien pulse of Can into Interstellar Overdrive leaving you with a prime slice of space punk.

Things get decidedly more post punk as the album continues picks up. You can hear off kilter strands of Wire and the herky-jerkiness of Gang of Four in attendance in Spiderman Pinball and Plastic Labcoat.

3D Tanx are stalwarts of NW England’s live psych scene – and clearly they have become a well drilled unit as this album attests. There is something both earthy and spacey about the band that makes them eminently likeable. They draw their influences from some heady sources but they are all kept in perfect balance; never drifting into parody or losing a sense of their own cheeky character
If this is your first contact with 3D Tanx, then this a great place to take off from.”

Brett Savage, Optical Sounds #12 February 2019


‘A Compulsion for Propulsion‘ Album Review:

“Three Dimensional Tanx have created a timeless collection of perfect tunes to enjoy this summer and beyond.”

Even the Stars July 2018


‘A Compulsion for Propulsion‘ Album Review:

“a pure blast from start to finish…the songs rattle through your brain at a great speed”

Fuzzy Sun  June 2018


‘A Compulsion for Propulsion’ Album Review:

“it’s a white knuckle ride all the way and a total blast, bristling with infectious stabs of pop-inflected modern Garage Rock.”

Thee Psychedelicatessen  June 2018


‘A Compulsion for Propulsion’ Album Review:

“The speeding motorik of ‘His Latest Apparatus’ would get them pulled off the autobahn…Buzzcocks, Swell Maps and especially Wire are reference points”
Shindig! Magazine, Issue 81 July 2018


‘A Compulsion for Propulsion’ Album Review:

“A short sharp burst of garage punk rock, most songs hover around the 2-3 minute mark, no fat on these bones, it’s Monk time. 15 tracks of high energy, taut, wiry songs with plenty of sinewy bass, propulsive drums, waspish organ and angular guitars that mesh throughout this great little record, a couple of the tracks stray into the 5 minute mark but we’ll let them off, mostly it’s in and out, wham bam thank you ma’m. Cool artwork too, courtesy of Alan Outram. Highlights for me were the spacey “Racing Car No9”, the crunchy “Chemical Cubical”, the pure garage tones of “The Human Stupid”, and the sixties punk of “Backseat Driver”, any of these tunes would not be out of place on a Nuggets or Pebbles comp. ”
Terrascope Online July 2018


‘A Compulsion for Propulsion’ Album Review:

“we’ll say right from the get-go this is a wonderful album”
Garagerocktopia July 2018


‘Backseat Driver’ Review
“The great thing about the UK is that whatever year in whatever month the country just keeps churning out wonderful little rock pocket nuggets like this. Yes they could be Supergrass but who cares. Great stuff”
IndiePulse Music July 2018


Attack‘ Album Review:

“It truly is one of those albums you have to listen to appreciate, and the more you listen to it, the more you appreciate it.”

Robert Kreutzer, Garagerocktopia, August 2017


Attack‘ Album Review:

“high-energy fun…a supersonic 35 minutes…12 tracks of rocket-fueled rock n roll”

Sheena Salazar, POW Magazine, June 2017


‘Attack’ Album Review:

‘they sound like they are having the time of their life…sounding like the Saints doing battle with Stooges…the songs snarl, spit and bite but are drenched in almost pop sensibilities…delivered with such energy, urgency and aplomb’

Iain Wiltshire, Optical Sounds #11 February 2017


‘Attack’ Album Review:
‘a glorious cranium compressing collision of muscular kraut, weird ear prog and space psych all of which we here have found ourselves somewhat adoring of the albums parting track and, dare we say, aptly titled ‘Astral Plane flight attendant’ which by these ears sounds like a hulking melodic mushroom forged of a sci-fi-tronic silver age key swirled hallucinogenic psyched out pop pill found warp driving through a meteor storm.’

Read the full review here: Mark Barton (Losing Today) The Sunday Experience February 2017


‘Attack’ Album Review:

’3D Tanx sound like an amalgamation of every great Psych Rock/Garage Punk band from the last 50 years and at the same time like nothing you have ever heard before…Truly fantastic stuff’

Read the full review here: Thee Psychedelicatessen October 2016


‘Attack’ Album Review:

‘Making you feel better by channelling your aggression, the guitar fuelled Psych-Rock of Three Dimensional Tanx needs plenty of volume to be fully appreciated, their blend of The Heads, Spacemen Three and The Stooges getting more potent on each release with their latest album ‘Attack’ the proverbial icing on the cake, containing twelve slices of prime head music, noisy guitar and sixties organ writhing together over a solid bed of rhythm. As the band power through the album it is hard to pick out individual songs as the riffs just keep coming, but highlights for me include the fairly frenetic ‘Hotdog’ , the guitar fenzy of ‘Scene Not Herd’ and the final six minute blow-out of ‘Astral Plane Flight Attendant’ a trippy organ lighting the way for some lysergic grooves and quite possibly outbreaks of idiot dancing, great stuff and an album that grows on you, which is always a good thing.’

Terrascope Online, October 2016


‘Attack’ Album Review:

‘Lancaster’s very own garage-punks of psych appear to be kicking against the pricks…The Stooges for the real ale age have smashed it up.’

Read the full review here Colourhorizon October 2016


‘Attack‘ Album Review:

‘Their sound is an appealing mixture of psych, punk, garage, space-rock – all things Shindig!…they paint in bright colours’

Shindig! Magazine, Issue #59, September 2016


‘Attack’ Album Review:

‘With an inventive approach that combines indie rock with psychedelia and a touch of 70s Krautrock, sci-fi obsessed Lancaster band Three Dimensional Tanx fill their fourth album with tunes that can be sharp, upbeat, lax and hazy and sometimes manage to be both at once. For lovers of music driven by retro organ work, its’ a recording that needs to be heard, since the engergy these guys sum up is really impressive.’

Real Gone, September 2016. Read the full review at REAL GONE



Single Review ‘Son of Go’

’112 seconds. That’s all this song takes to start and finish but it’ still better than everything in the charts these days. ‘Son of Go’ kicks in with a circular guitar riff and is soon followed by some Doors-esque organ work and the kind of drumming Keith Moon would have been ripping out in his prime.’

Listen With Monger, August 2016. Read the full review at Listen With Monger


Single Review ‘Son of Go’

‘‘Son Of Go’ sees shards of fuzzy guitar clutter our worldview, it’s knees up time. It’s a riff familiar from The Fall in their rockabilly days, let’s say ‘Cruisers Creek’ -ish. Fairground organ parps as hands clap. And then just as you’re getting into the swing of things it’s over. At under 2 minutes this reinforces the band Wire-esque brevity, jutting roughly against the psych longueurs of five-minute intros. ‘Son Of Go’ comes from the corner of the ring throwing punches.’

Colourhorizon, July 2016. See the full review at Colourhorizon


Single Review ‘Son of Go’

‘Clocking in at 1:52, this is a brief, yet joyous bit of ‘60s garage rock.’

Creative Control, August 2016. See the full review a Creative Control


Single Review:

I Am Go/Loose Id Syd

‘Stalwarts of the North West, Three Dimensional Tanx return with a bolstered line-up hot on the heels of setting lasers stun at last year’s Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia.

‘I Am Go’ has an element of the punkier end of Italian garage acts of the early ’90s and newer Swedish acts like The Movements in its soaring pace, cheese wire organ and distraught vocalisms. The flip mixes Detroit guitars with Spacemen 3 and an organ melody straight out of a frug a-go-go ’60s movie party scene before heading off into a moody vocal. Again, it’s prevalent of the ’90s garage sound that once seemed as if it was on its way to extinction. The Tanx aren’t aiming at being super 60s or anything – rather, they mix up a number of influences and blast it out.’

Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills

Shindig! Magazine Issue 39

“combination of psychedelia, space rock and punk with chocolate shavings…with the Philicorda fuming and shirt soaked in sweat.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

Studio Album Review

SUBNOISE, July 2015


‘what more could ears want’

Optical Sounds Fanzine, October 2014


‘Three Dimensional Tanx are well versed in the mysteries of Psychedelia, the music ranging from short catchy pieces to longer and much spacier affairs, all of it played with energy and style.’

The Terrascope

Studio album review, September 2014

“As I entered the black basement club, the propellant rhythm of Three Dimensional Tanx hit me full in the face with driving beats and hummus-thick bass lines, all overlaid with a garnish of spitting fizzing guitar and swirling late-sixties keyboard.Hats off to the drummer too, coated in thick sweat and wearing only what appeared to be small running shorts, beating the living shit out of a wonderfully minimalistic Gretsch kit (snare, floor tom, bass drum, hi-hat, two cymbals) and making it sound like he was playing on something that Carl Palmer would have set up on stage in the mid-seventies. This was a great performance by a band previously unknown to me and I’ll be giving them a good listen in future. Manic organ breaks, chugging twin guitars and a fluid rhythm section that was all power and no flower, plus a floppy crazy-puppet vocalist who really threw himself into the spirit of things, all came together for a short combustive set of cracking garage-psych that was high on thrills and never ever relaxed the throttle once.”

The Sleeping Shamen

“They whip up a frenetic froth and transfusion of punk energy, fractured space rock and manic psych (with a little Krautrock no less) that grabs you by the short hairs and doesn’t let go. They aren’t adverse to giving them a good hard tug either to yank a few out. In short, it’s fantastic. Of all the ingredients that go into their sound, the prime mover has to be their relentless energy, their inherent vitality.”

“Rooted in classic indie guitar music, with a big dollop of psych and the raw energy of snarling Garage Punk. In an era of nice radio friendly pop, this record stands out as a defiant act of brilliance.”

Weekenders Review

“Sort of DIY punk-psychedelia…infused with Stooges / MC5 attitude and adrenelin”

Backseat Mafia

“Three Dimensional Tanx have a sound that is the essence of garage psychedelia, a heady mixture of freak out and manic energy delivered via a kick ass rhythm section, lysergic wah wah guitars, krautrock synths/ 60s organ and a lead singer who may very well have lost his mind. If you need comparisons, try early Who or Sonics dropping cheap speedy acid with the Television Personalities. No, on second thought, that doesn’t even come close. These guys are great.”

Active Listener

‘a kind of neon psychedelic power pop with really bright, clear tones…when they’re blasting them out hard, fast and dumb they sure do know their way around a pop tune’

Norman Records

‘A unique voice in psych; Lancaster’s Three Dimensional Tanx pitch ‘60s swirling keys against garage rock and the Day-Glo end of the punk spectrum. Picture The Saints shooting for the Nuggets crowd. Combine a heady knack for blending energy with melody they have delivered a crisp, taut and exciting album in the same glorious TV21 Technicolor as the cover art.’


‘Even in the studio, the band are able to cook up a pretty vigorous groove, especially on ‘King of the Country’, where organ, bass and drums lock together while a raw guitar is let loose.
You can almost see the hippies digging it in the Avalon Ballroom. In a more relaxed mode, the seven minutes plus of ‘Caterpillar’ moves from a vaguely Indian introduction of tabla and sitar to break into a crisp beat, supporting the interplay of wah-wah and synth and setting up something of a Happy Mondays or Stone Roses feel.’

Penny Black Music

‘Yes they do psychedelic but they do it differently. They do it with energy. Hard to put into words, a spirit (in my humble opinion) that only those from the Northern part of this country can provide. Juice; life; pep; pizzaz. That buzz in the tummy; cock of the head; jerk as you walk. They don’t need me to sell them to you. They sell themselves. As you may may be able to tell I think they are exciting! I want a Three Dimensional Tanx T-shirt!

Schott’s List

Live review from 22nd August 2014

‘Once again, Three Dimensional Tanx effortlessly proved themselves to be the most vital band on the circuit.’


Studio Album Review, October 2014

‘engergetic and full of spark…a true beacon for those seeking the lysergic’

The Janglebox