Some combinations of Post-Punk, Garage-Rock, Psychedelia, Kraut-Rock, Proto-Punk, Drone-Rock since the year 2000. Line-up changes around 2011.


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Three Dimensional Tanx (3D Tanx) have been ‘sound carriers’ for Can man Damo Suzuki, performed at Tate Britain with artist Linder Sterling, played at a Spacemen 3 art exhibition curated by Will Carruthers (Spacemen 3, Spiritualised) and have played festivals including Liverpool Psych Fest and Doune the Rabbit Hole. Amongst countless gigs, they have appeared with the Lucid Dream, Mugstar, White Hills, Gnod, Trembling Bells, the Cosmic Dead, the Oscillation, Aquaserge (featuring members of Tame Impala and Stereolab), Nik Turner (Hawkwind) and many more from the UK’s psych-scene and beyond.


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Having put out 2 albums plus a compilation with new tracks between 2002-2009, the band’s recorded work was on hiatus as former guitarist David Blackwell left to concentrate full-time on the Lovely Eggs (with wife Holly who also guested on Tanx songs like ‘Peak Time’ and ‘Baby Universe’). However, with two new members, a new 5-piece Three Dimensional Tanx set to work creating a new album for a new era.


2014 saw the release of a new, self-titled album. ‘I Am Go’ is just over 2 minutes worth of psych-garage-rock. ‘Caterpillar’ is a stoned-groove that starts off almost ‘baggy’ and builds up so much it ends up NEU!-ishly monolithic. ‘Loose Id Syd’ encapsulates the MC5 and Stooges energetic riffing with early Who drums splattered all over it. Elsewhere, there’s the swirling, intense ‘Here Come the Flies’, the multi-layered onslaught of ‘Backwards Telescope’ the synth/sequencer/drum-machine-based ‘Clark’s Momentum’ and four more tracks that are all different but share the unique Tanx approach.

The dynamic rhythm section propels the band with a rarely encountered ferocity. All kinds of electric guitars, their trademark 60’s Philicorda organ, a host of synths, electronics, and even electrified zithers and harp make for a vivid soundscape. The vocals are sometimes deep in the mix, at other times biting like a rabid John Lydon. If the live sound is sometimes a wall of noise, then the studio album reveals the riffs, motifs, interplay and other subtleties.


March 2014 saw two album tracks ‘I Am Go’ & ‘Loose Id Syd’ remastered for release as a 7″ single on Sunstone Records.


In April 2014, Tanx played a gig featuring the full album played straight though. This was recorded and released as Three Dimensional Tanx LIVE! in July 2014.


‘Live Tanx Extras’ came out in March 2015 on download and ltd ed 10 cdrs, comprising 6 songs recorded live (3 from 2013, 3 from 2014).


New studio album ‘Attack’  came out August 29th 2016, ‘containing twelve slices of prime head music, noisy guitar and sixties organ writhing together over a solid bed of rhythm’ according to Terrascope.



The first song from ‘Attack’ is also featured on Dayz of Purple & More Hope – a 27-Track compilation of contemporary psych released April 2017.



‘Trip Hazard’ (from ‘Attack’) will be available in a limited edition (50 only) lathe-cut 7″ split single with 7Shades. Available exclusively to festival goers at 15th Dream of Dr Sardonicus 4th-6th August, Cardigan, Wales.

Guitarist Pete was finding juggling work, commuting from Manchester and touring/recording with Steve Ignorant too much, so has taken a sabbatical from the band late 2017. So the following album was made as a 4-piece.


A Compulsion for Propulsion – (New Studio Album, Released on CD/DL July 2018).

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Recorded, mixed, mastered and co-produced by Alan Gregson (Cornershop), this is the album 3DT have been threatening to make for years.

Featuring 15 tracks in less than 40 minutes, there are two free-form psychedelic jams at the end of each ‘side’ of the album. Elsewhere, short, infectious stabs of pop-inflected modern garage-rock abound. Stripped back to a 4-piece for this album (guitarist Pete is on sabbatical playing with Crass legend Steve Ignorant), everything is tight-but-loose. Largely live in sound, the songs are occasionally fleshed out with additional analogue synths, and acoustic piano. Highlights include opener ‘His Latest Apparatus’ with hints of Neu!, Wire, Devo, the VU-meets-Can-inflected reverie of ‘Dwam’, and the Syd Barratt-era Pink Floyd-esque ‘Racing Car #9’. Elsewhere, the rhythms are taut, and almost breathlessly relentless. It’s a speedy trip.


A Compulsion for Propulsion – (New Studio Album, Released as a vinyl LP April 2019).

2 Tracks from the album, His Latest Apparartus and Medication are being released on a limited edition  7″ single  by  Fruits de Mer Records in August  2019.

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