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Being released late July 2020

Fruit de Mer Records

More info HERE.

Compilation of artists that appeared at last year’s gig. 2 LP coloured vinyl.

Live version of ‘Racing Car #9′ recorded at the 17th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus, Cellar Bar, Cardigan, Wales in August 2019.

Try Norman Records.


ego ritual three dimensional tanx cover

2 Tracks from the album A Compulsion for Propulsion, ‘His Latest Apparartus’ and ‘Medication’ being released on a limited edition  7″ single  by  Fruits de Mer Records in August  2019.

This came in 2 different cover options, and some were black vinyl, some were clear.



A Compulsion for Propulsion – (New VINYL LP on Suntone Records – Studio Album, Released April 2019) ***

LP Version (includes free download). Order directly from us HERE.



A Compulsion for Propulsion – (New Studio Album, Released July 2018) ***

CD or Download. Order directly from us HERE.



Trip Hazard – Hand-Made Lathe-Cut 7″ Single with 7Shades. Released August 2017 via Fruits de Mer Records.

Some black, some clear. Super limited edition.



Attack – Studio Album, Released August 2016 – Order Here. **



Tanx Live Extras – (2015, Live Mini-Album)**




Three Dimensional Tanx – LIVE! (2014, Live Album)**



Three Dimensional Tanx – I Am Go/Loose Id Syd 7″ Single, Sunstone Records (2014, Single)**



Three Dimensional Tanx – Three Dimensional Tanx (2014, Studio Album)**





Tanx Trax – A Three Dimensional Tanx Sampler (2009, Compilation Album)*
(Contains the best bits of the first two albums, plus the previously unreleased ‘Psychedelic Sun’, ‘Warm Robot’, ‘Sound & Vison Man’ and ‘Six Dead’. Early version did not include ‘Psychedelic Sun’).





3D Tanx – Tanx And Drums Ltd. (2004, Album)*



3D Tanx – Tanx And How To Draw Them (2002, Album)*



*Original line-up (Spacey, Sean, Loz, David)

**Second line-up (Spacey, Sean, Loz, Pete, Richard)

*** Third line-up (Spacey, Sean, Loz, Richard)