It costs us a lot of money to sound so cheap. We use money from sales to fund further recordings. Your support is much appreciated!



A Compulsion for Propulsion – (New Studio Album, Digi-Pak CD and/or Download. Released July 2018) ***

Pre-Order Here.



Trip Hazard – Hand-Made Lathe-Cut 7″ Single with 7Shades. Released August 2017 via Fruits de Mer Records.

We don’t have any of these for sale ourselves – 50 went on sale on 10th August at a special Fruits de Mer Records event. It’s likely there are none left, but contact the label directly to see. The song ‘Trip Hazard’ is also on the album Attack.



Attack – New Studio Album, Out Now! Released August 2016 – Order Now.

Also available from excellent Garage Punk/Krautrock/Psych specialists Dayz of Purple & Orange.



Tanx Live Extras – 6-Tracks recorded live, released March 2015. This is available as a FREE download (but you can pay if you like).



Head over to our Bandcamp Page for the self-titled album (released January 2014) available as a digipak CD or download.

CD also available at Dayz of Purple & Orange



Three dimensional tanx LIVE! album (released July 2014) limited edition of 100 CDs or unlimited download. This is only available from us. Down to the last few copies.



The 7″ single of ‘I Am Go’/'Loose Id Syd’ released March 2014 is available directly from us HERE.


The 7″ single is available from Cardinal Fuzz.

Both the 7″ single and the self-titled CD studio album are available from Norman Records

The 7″ single is also available at Dayz of Purple & Orange,  and Action Records.


There are also some free downloads of some live recordings and some older stuff under the ‘Archive‘ section of our Bandcamp page.



Tanx T-Shirts are also available from our Bandcamp page.